Fullerton College Fast Facts & Frequently Asked Questions 

Welcome to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness Data Dashboard. This section is designed to provide visitors with fast facts, answers to frequently asked questions, and a brief snapshot of campus analytical data.


“We promote a culture of inquiry through the exchange of timely, relevant, and accurate information with the college community to ensure continuous improvement in student success and institutional effectiveness.” – Office of Institutional Effectiveness Mission Statement


Data At A Glance


Fullerton College Fast Facts – Fall 2020
PDF Version: FC – Fast Facts 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many students graduated / transferred last year (2017-2018)?
    • Total # of students that graduated with a degree or certificate last year (2018) = 2,111  (# of Awards = 2,798)  
    • Total # of students that graduated with a degree or certificate in the 2017 academic year = 1,887 (# of Awards = 2,332)
    • Total # of students that transferred last year (2018) =
  • How many first-time students does Fullerton College have?
    • In Academic Year 2018, 5,417 (16%) of our students were “First-Time” students. 
    • Also, in Academic Year 2018, 13,003 (39%) were “First Generation” students. 


The Office of Institutional Effectiveness

Assists the president, senior administrators, management, educational committees and faculty and staff in their planning and assessment activities.
Serves as a primary contact with state and federal agencies with respect to information reporting.
Responds to internal and external information requests.
Produces educational and organizational studies and reports.
Develops and maintains a cycle of regular Fullerton College studies, reports and databases to support recurring decision needs of the college.
Serves as a reliable source for comprehensive and authoritative information about Fullerton College.
Oversees Fullerton College responses to national, state and local statistical surveys, questionnaires and other requests for data or information.
Serves as a resource for techniques of institutional research, research methodologies and the design and execution of information systems.